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The Benefits Of Doing Pilates

Have you been having back pains? The answer to your problem is doing pilates.

Here are the benefits of pilates:

A. Pilates can make a strong core

When you train in pilates, you learn how to manage the smaller muscles that are in your lower abdomen area and in your lower back. When you learn this, then you will be able to enhance your core stability. Because of this, you will control your pelvis, spinal joints and hips during movement. There are really a lot of benefits that you can get, like reducing the pain in your lower back, improving the stability of your pelvic area, having better bladder control and you will have a strong pelvic floor muscle.

B. Pilates provides relaxation

Patilates is not like your typical exercise since it has a slower tempo. The classes in pilates are really small, they only accept at least 5 to 6 people per class so the atmosphere will really be more relaxed and even the slow movements add to the relaxtion.

C. Pilates helps in improving your posture

Health practitioners stated that doing pilates can really help in improving the overall well-being of a person and even their posture. Pilates is really recommended by a lot of experts when their patients have problems with muscle imbalance and with their posture.

D. Pilates can improve your athletic performance

There are plenty of athletes that do pilates as part of their program, since it can help them from getting injured. Pilates is also being used as a rehab program for those athletes that were injured. This can help them get back in shape.

E. Pilates can improve your co-ordination

By doing pilates, your awareness to your body will be heightened. Our neck, shoulders and legs can help us have better awareness with our body, when this happens we will be more co-ordinated.

The movements in pilates are slow so it can allow a much more deeper level of interpretation by the nervous system and by the brain. In pilates, the movements are repeated for a couple of times so that they will have better co-ordination.

F. Pilates can help you have better alignment

Experts recommend Pilates to people that had spinal surgery. However, spinal surgery can actually be avoided with Pilates, since it teaches people how to have correct spinal alignment. Pilates can really help a person have better control with their spinal musculature.

G. Pilates can improve your concentration

The movements in Pilates are precise, slow and controlled that is why it is really important that we are concentrated during the session. This improves the people’s concentration and it also allows them to enter a meditative stage.

H. Pilates can improve your stamina

The duration of Pilates classes are long, that is the reason why it can improve the level of our stamina.

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