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How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally

Hemorrhoids are becoming more and more popular among middle aged to older men and women. A hemorrhoid occurs when the veins in the rectum and anus become swollen and painful. However, hemorrhoid is not actually harmful to a person but it can be a real nuisance if you do have this disorder. Even though the condition is not serious, you will definitely still want to be cured from it as soon as possible. There are many commercial products in the market that help to treat hemorrhoids, but instead of buying those expensive products, you can treat a hemorrhoid using natural home remedies. Below are some ways you can treat a hemorrhoids naturally using home remedies.

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a natural home remedy to treat quite a large number of health conditions. It is even consumed by many on a regular basis to help strengthen the immune system and improve overall health. You can use apple cider vinegar for any type of hemorrhoid, too. Gently apply apple cider vinegar to the inflamed skin using a cotton ball or a clean cloth. Apply a generous amount 3 times daily and you should see an improvement right away. The swelling should stop and you will experience relief in just a matter of a couple of days. Although it is extremely rare, if you notice skin irritation due to the apple cider vinegar, you should stop using it immediately and consult a doctor before reapplying.

Another great method of treating a hemorrhoid is to use a health-promoting compound found in plants called Rutin. The rutin in these plants will help the inflammation to get smaller and over time will take out the inflammation completely. The best times to take rutin plants is early in the morning when you wake up, and just before going to bed at night. You can eat the plants with rutin straight or you can get supplements with these rutins in them. This is another easy natural treatment that you can try if you suffer from hemorrhoids.
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Another natural way to treat a hemorrhoid is to use coconut oil. Application of coconut oil would be the same as with apple cider vinegar mentioned above. You should see great results in a matter of 2 to 3 days of using coconut oil.
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Another natural treatment to hemorrhoids is to squat at the toilet instead of sitting down. When you have hemorrhoids it will be harder for your waste to come out; and that is why squatting will help to push out the waste in an easier way. If you sit down to pass a bowel movement, it puts a lot of strain on the rectum. Squatting actually straightens the rectum and thus relaxes the muscles around there.