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Advantages of Using the Bair Hugger Bair huggers are technologies that are used to keep the patient artificially warm when undergoing the procedures. Bair hugger was first used in 1987 after doctors realized that the bodies of patients lose more heat than they can generate during the operation. This kind of situation had adverse effects on patients health and a solution had to be sought. The bair Hugger support was high and many clinicians started to use it for surgeries on their patients. The effect of the technology is that patients temperature is maintained in the normal status. The bair hugger is a safe and healthy way of maintaining way of warming the patient when undergoing a surgery. To give the patient the best service; every clinician should have the device. A lot of researches have been conducted to investigate the effect of this technology on the patients. The outcome of the investigations given the use of bait hugger a green light on safety considerations. There is a claim that the bair hugger affects the flow of clean air in the surgical room Two surgical rooms were used to test the validity of the claim. In one of the rooms, a bair hugger was utilized while a bair hugger was absent in the control set up room. The outcome showed the flow of clean air in both rooms remained constant. It then became obvious that the bair hugger had nothing tom do with the flow of clean air in the surgical facility. The surgical site needs to be well cared for during the operation. Any technology that is used for the forced warming must ensure that this standard is met. There has been several studies done to verify the truth of the claims that the use of bair hugger is associated to increased infections. The arguments postulates that the hugger pumps air from the floor towards the surgery wound. The current is said to contain bacteria that causes increased infections. The effect of these surgeries is prolonged recovery periods and multiple surgeries. The situation I worse when the implants don’t attach well to the body tissue.
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The bair hugger has been confirmed not to collect any air particles from the floor and cannot, therefore, spread the bacteria. There might be infections during the operation caused by other factors and not the bair hugger.
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The assurance of the patient’s health is given by the bair hugger. The use of bair hugger will ensure that the recovery period is short by minimizing the risk of infections. This type of technology is very effective, and it can be applied across a wide range of surgeries including the orthopedic ones.