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8 Reasons to Go to a Pregnancy Spa before Becoming a Mom During the second pregnancy trimester, some of the bothersome issues like morning sickness will be behind you. It is now time to pamper yourself and going to a spa is an excellent idea. There are numerous physical and emotional changes during this period, making it stressful to the mother and the unborn child. With a pregnancy spa, you can expect to gain from the following 8 advantages. After a spa, there is a release of endocrines that aid in the elimination of stress and anxiety, and also make the body rest and relax. With such changes, an expectant mom’s body gains the capability to function optimally at all times. There is also an improvement in the sleep patterns of an expectant mom. Pregnancy spas result in enhanced circulation of blood, which enhances oxygen and nutrient transport to the baby and mother. The formation of varicose veins, a common pregnancy-related problem is also prevented. Carrying a growing fetus results in tense muscles for many women, a condition that is effectively eliminated too.
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There is a 40 percent rise in blood volume levels in pregnant women. With that increase, there is undue stress to her lymphatic system, a state that may cause the retention of fluid. It is with a pregnancy spa that women can reverse such consequences effectively.
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Frequent visits to spas can eliminate the everyday symptoms that accompany pregnancy. They include headaches, leg cramps, backaches, and fatigue. The massage therapy administered in pregnancy spas works on these issues by relaxing a woman’s muscle spasms and various trigger points. Additionally, it enhances the release of serotonin, which is a naturally-occurring painkiller to eliminate aches. An expectant mom’s digestive system becomes sluggish to allow her fetus to absorb all the nutrients it requires. Such natural changes result in constipation and heartburn for many women, making their lives uncomfortable, to say the least. Since stress is common for many expectant moms; their heartburn becomes unbearable. With a spa, there is a reduction in such symptoms and tension, making it possible for a mom to enjoy her pregnancy to the fullest. There is an improvement in a pregnant woman’s breathing capacity after a spa. Usually, the massage given causes her thorax and lung muscles to relax. The outcome is an endless supply of oxygen to her body and that of the unborn baby. Expectant women look glamorous after attending spas. The reason behind such a desirable outcome is the enhancement of her skin tone and elasticity, and muscle toning. Also, the increase in blood circulation to the surface of her skin contribute a lot to such changes. An expectant woman’s immune system is critical for her and her growing fetus. A pregnancy spa makes it possible for her immunity levels to reach maximum levels, which is always beneficial, especially to the vulnerable unborn.