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Best Ways to Seduce a Woman

Seduction is the process of enticing a woman who you are interested in with the aim of starting a relationship. A man needs to have a specific reason or aim of wanting to seduce a woman so that he can be able to make sure that his aim is achieved without wasting a lot of time. For some men, the steps of successfully seducing a woman are just like a simple game while majority find it very difficult to freely express how they feel about a woman to that same woman. After being sure that you want to get involved with a woman you have seen somewhere, start making indications that may make her notice you, such as staring into her eyes when you meet, holding her hand for a few more seconds than usual during handshakes and so on.

The next step is to start a conversation with your woman, either one on one or through mobile communication, where you can build up to the point where you are comfortable enough to ask her if the two of you can get into a relationship. Take her out on the first date and make it about her in that she feels that you care about making her feel like the special woman she is, look in her eyes and tell her she is beautiful and before she says thanks just move on with the conversation and this will score you some more points. When getting into a short term sexual relationship it is easier to win the woman if you apply some strategies such as temporary behavior change where you can pretend to be a gentleman, or if the girl goes for guys with money, just act like you have money so that you can win her and then when the truth comes out everyone goes there way. When you go out with the woman you like a lot, show her that you love listening to her little funny stories and enjoy the conversation because she will get to the point of telling you her secrets and that is where all her trust is in you.

Get onto a new level of adventure if you are to make a woman stick to you, do things she never thought you could such as showing up at her home and pretending like you were just passing by, then text her that you just wanted to see her. Finally after being sure that you can confess your love for her, take her out to a place with no external disruptions, look into her eyes and confidently admit that you have fallen in love with her, be emotional and tell how you have been holding on to the feeling but you cannot take it anymore, some tears in your eyes will mess up with her head and she will be all yours.