Traditional and Alternative Cancer Cures

Right off the bat, I want to establish the different approach the two types of cancer cures have. While the conventional methods directly try to target the disease in its roots and try to completely destroy it, while heavily impacting on the individual’s health, the alternative approach focuses completely on the person itself.

The important thing is that both ways hold their benefits and could provide the exact things which a person diagnosed with cancer needs, to help him regain his full health and normal everyday lifestyle. Different specialists, such as Cancer Treatment Mexico, use a wide range of techniques to try and cure cancer.

The Traditional Approaches

To fully comprehend how they work, you would need to be aware of the different types of cancers. As I won’t go in depth in that topic, a simple differentiation could be made in this sense:

  • Cancer Types which are located in a specific type of cell or tissue
  • Cancer Types which are located in an organ

The first type of cancer easily spreads around the body and curing it requires much more efforts. A known example would be leukemia, which is the disease which appears in the blood cells. Those types of cancers are generally threated with different kind of therapies such as:

  1. Chemotherapy

The patient is given an intense but not dangerous amount of drugs directly in his blood through a system. Unfortunately, the drugs don’t know which cell is working well, and which is cancerous so the overall health of the individual does suffer as well. Known side effects are nausea and the loss of hair

  1. Stem Cell Transplant

One of the treatments for leukemia, the idea is to restore your blood cells production process through the transplant of new stem cells in your body. The thing which most people fail to say, however be that this transplant is usually needed due to the health impact of chemo and radiation therapies.

The Alternative Approach

In the past years many people try out a combination of both traditional and alternative cancer cures. The unconventional methods have no side effects and will almost never negatively affect a person’s health. Before conducting any type of untraditional treatment however, I recommend that you talk to your oncologist as it might go against your diet plan for example. The most popular unconventional procedures are:

  • Utilization of Cannabis Oil

While there is still no solid evidence that the cannabis oil destroys the cancer cells or even stops their growth, it has been discovered that it helps the patients eliminate the side effects of conventional treatments as the nausea or lack of appetite.

  • Diets

There are a few different types of diets which were developed by oncologists or cancer researchers, whose main purpose is to handle the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Balancing the nutrients in a person’s system can help him restore a good portion of his health.

Those are not the only cancer cures but are the ones which are most efficient and have proven to benefit people the most. Your doctor will however, give you more information regarding anything you have questions about.